No overtaking, eh?

I was mightily impressed with Alonso yesterday – everyone who’s ever played an F1 computer game knows you can’t overtake at that chicane, but somehow he did it – and Hamilton round Kubica was also incredibly brave. There were two problems with the coverage, however. For the first time this season we had a change in the lead after the first corner, but our commentators were almost completely unaware of it. When Raikkonen came in for his second stop James Allen said nonchalantly something like ‘Here’s Kimi having his stop. He’ll just come out and comfortably slot in behind Massa’. Then Martin Brundle, although he may have been thinking about it for a while this was the first time he said it, countered ‘Well, actually, will he?’. So, the crucial change in the race went almost unnoticed. Secondly, after Alonso brilliantly overtook Heidfeld and Fisi, why did he end up behind them? This was never adequately explained, I don’t think. Granted that F1 is incredibly complex, and yesterday with the different fuel and tyre strategies especially so, but with the influx of new and inexperienced viewers of the sport due to the success of Hamilton more attention does need to be paid to somehow condensing, explaining and simplifying the strategies of the race.

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