SofaF1 Championship – Round 8

It was a bit all over the place this one from the points point of view, Hamilton was again a good scorer for most of us, landing Alex and myself 2 points each and Nick 1 point for the 3rd place and Fourstar picked one up for his front row qualifying position. I guess this isn’t really surprising given Hamilton’s consistency. Alex landed the big one grabbing 4 points for Raikkonen’s win, and topped it up with another 2 points for Heidfeld, again his consistency paying off. Nick managed to get 2 points for Massa and Fourstar and I got 2 for Fisichella, but all the rest were a few scrappy 1 pointers being gleaned where we could, Raikkonen and Heidfeld gave me a couple more, and Kubica landed Nick one too. Unfortunately for Fourstar, Sato didn’t quite make the points this week.

Round 8

1 Alex 8
2 Bearded Stew 6
3 Nick 5
4 Fourstar 3


1 Nick 54
2 Bearded Stew 33
3 Alex 33
4 Fourstar 30

The Ferrari’s were fast obviously, and bought it all home for a great 1-2 for them, Hamilton didn’t really live up to his own pre race predictions and lost out at the start to Raikkonen who would go on to win the race.

Kubica was outstanding, landing 4th on the grid and maintaining it all the way to the chequered flag, just weeks after his horrendous accident in Canada.

Hamilton again on the podium, amazing consistency. Heidfeld too with another great points finish in 5th.

Disappointing to see Kovalainen punted round on the first lap, but fair play to Trulli, he admitted his mistake, but poor Kovalainen was just blatting around in his own little world all afternoon after that. He could have been on for another good result.

Alonso fought hard all afternoon but didn’t seem to get too much from it, he was so much quicker in the clean air and as soon as he had got past someone within a lap or two was all over the back of the next person. He had the speed, but was just out of place because of his qualifying. I reckon he could have beaten Hamilton this weekend, but I might need to look at some lap times to see whether there is evidence for that statement!

Just a quick mention of Button, the new Honda does seem to go and Button did well to score his and Honda’s first point of the season.

I thought the race was pretty good, seeing it properly live live was great obviously (more to come shortly), especially watching Alonso trying to get past people down into the Adelaide hairpin.

Shame it didn’t rain though, but hey there is always Silverstoneā€¦.

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