British Pole Poll

So the British Grand Prix is upon us coming hot on the heels, as it does, of the French Grand Prix. Usually a gap of a week means no new parts but with the British Grand Prix being so close to many of the teams factories you might see some changes. Also McLaren might be ripping a few Ferrari-ish bits off of their car to try and pass the FIA tests. Allegedly, according to the Italian press, this occured before the French Grand Prix which resulted in the win for Ferrari. If that’s true then expect those parts to be replaced with new bits this weekend. Also both McLarens will be on fresh engines this weekend so expect that to also help.

Finally Ferrari have done well on high downforce circuits and McLaren have looked better on the low. Silverstone is generally considered a lowish downforce circuit (Silverstone requires a lot of downforce to be faster on some of the high speed corners but the circuit is fast you would loose that with drag – so generally you go for a lower downforce to reduce the drag).

Kimi looks to have regained something. He looks much more comfortable in the car. Massa is still pretty handy though. I expect to see a pattern emerge that when Ferrari are on song Kimi beats Massa and wins the races, but when Ferrari struggle Massa still makes it to the podium while Kimi may get no points at all.

Over at McLaren I think that Alonso took a confidence boost out of his overtaking from the back and Lewis took a slight hit as remarkably last weekend was the first time he was overtaken in a Formula One car. He talked about the passing of this stat as though he almost considered he might be able to survive his whole career without being passed. But Lewis will probably get some positives out of it being the British Grand Prix.

On that note a sign of the return to better sorts of Alonso was the nice bit of needle that he have Lewis. Alonso used to be best at the mind games too until Lewis came along and seems to have been complaining rather than getting even most of the time. This weeks was a beauty though. He mentioned that he thought the team would prefer a win for Lewis in his home race as they had preferred for Alonso to win in Spain. This sounds less like complaining and more like being fair to the unthinking, new to F1 sporting press, but we know better. Hamilton beat Alonso in Spain and his actual message was, “I’m going to get you back”.

BMW continue to hold off Renault although it seems harder work than the begining of the season. Then the pack is just a general confusued lump of million pound sports cars with Spiker at the back.

Do your worst (please I want to catch up to Nick)

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