Welcome to the Nurburgring-a-ring-a-roses-we-all-fall-off-the-track.

What an amazing race – for once, I watched most of it (and even on the way to B&Q I was listening to FiveLive guest-commentator Murray getting more and more animated in my car. Not that he was commentating from my car; that would of course be mental…)

So as I understand it:

Lewis hit the tyres and then picked the wrong ones; Kimi gets pole then shot down by hydraulics; Massa thought he had it sussed then Alonso bumps him out of the way; Webber a popular third (is he really tall or is my TV losing its aspect ratio?); and it’s all wide open again, as far as theNewbie can tell.

(It’s also somewhat gratifying that with all the zillions of euros spent on cars and teams and drivers and tactics and fuel and tyres, the weather had the last laugh.)

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