SofaF1 Championship – Round 10

Well, what a crazy race! I’m sure it had nothing to do with Murray Walker back in the commentary seat, but it does seem fitting that the race he comes back for is a mental one.

It was great hear his tones over the airwaves once again, albeit interspersed with golf and cricket, but as soon as those lights started to come on and the familiar countdown began, culminating in Go, Go, Go! I remembered why I found Formula 1 exciting when I was young. Great stuff.

There were of course a few classic Murryisms, including some confusion about where Winkelhock was as the carnage of the first laps unfolded, but all in all superb commentary for a really interesting and exciting race.

We all suffered here this weekend, Hamilton’s accident landing him down in tenth for the starting grid meant Alex and I ended up with nil point for qualifying whilst Nick and Fourstar claimed 2 each for Raikkonen. But then Raikkonen failing to finish and Hamilton out of the points for the first time this season (indeed out of the top three) hurt us all.

Alex picked up 2 for Massa finishing in second and Fourstar got 1 for Alonso. The rest of the points come from Heidfeld, 2 each for Alex and I and one for Nick, Kovalainen just the one for Alex and Kubica gave Fourstar his last point.

So Round 10

1 Alex 5
2 Fourstar 4
3 Nick 3
4 Bearded Stew 2

Which moves the midfield around a bit…


1 Nick 65
2 Alex 51
3 Bearded Stew 48
4 Fourstar 40

All in all a classic race, the crazy rain on the first lap leading to a massive car park and some red flags, Hamilton starting from the back, Winkelhock in the lead. Alonso kept it going chasing Massa all the way. Massa was quick on the dry track even setting the fastest lap, but when the rain started to fall a few laps from the end, Alonso kept his nerve and took the lead to sprint to the finish to take his third victory of the year, equalling Raikkonen on race wins. The ten points he gets for the championship are much needed and with Hamilton failing to score for the first time, Alonso moves to within 2 points of the championship lead. It’s great it’s so close, with 7 races to go.

Red Bull came good this weekend, Coulthard did especially well coming from 20th up to 5th, but Webber taking his first podium for a while drove pretty well and managed to keep the car going till the end, which is always important!

The BMWs seemed a bit off in the race but maybe that’s because they crashed into each other at the start and seemed to be just fighting each other all the way round, but still another good points finish for tem in 6th and 7th. Kovalainen seems to be coming good although he had a few problems here and there picks ups the last point.

Wurz has another good run too, adding a fourth place to his previous 3rd and 7th places, it seems like Rosberg does better generally but actually Wurz is leading his team mate on points.

Its going to be close, especially if Ferrari reckon they can win all of the races that are left! Keep it tuned to SofaF1.

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