Cocky Coulthard

At a press conference today DC said what a few have been thinking. He accused Ferrari of deliberatly messing up Massa’s chances at Hungary to favour Kimi. Presumably he was asked to bring it up by his old mate Ron. If Ferrari are found to have deliberately interfered with the qualifying they could face a similar ban of constructors points from Hungary to McLaren.

It was the way he asked the questions that was brilliant though:

“How do we know that Ferrari didn’t deliberately not put fuel in Felipe’s car?” asked Coulthard, adding a mischievous twist to a discussion about team strategy.

“Maybe that was a team decision to benefit Kimi. How do you forget to put fuel in a car?”

Massa, sitting in front of the Scot, smiled uncomfortably and replied: “Yes, but it was not on purpose. It was a misunderstanding.”

“A pretty fundamental misunderstanding,” retorted Coulthard, who was Raikkonen’s teammate at McLaren from 2002 to 2004. “I think it’s a conspiracy to favour Kimi. Good luck.”

How to cause team strife in 4 simple sentences. It’s the “Good Luck” I really like.

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