Turkey Pole Poll

F1 is back. And amazingly this year the story that F1 left us with when it went on holiday was so juicey that it was still running right up until this weekend. That’s right we all want to know whether Sebastian Bourdais will be allowed to wear glasses next year (is this right – Ed).

So we find ourselves in Turkey. Already established as a great track even only two years in and this year looks set to be a cracker. Not only will we have the awesome rivalry of Alonso and Lewis fighting it out, but also Ferrari suit this track much better than the last bringing all four of the top flight drivers into the equation this weekend.

At McLaren we have open hostilities between the drivers which might mean one of the driver’s leaving the team come the end of the season but might also mean one of the drivers leaving the circuit this weekend. I’m all for this rivalry playing out because rivalry like this is what makes the sport interesting to me and lots of others. Casual viewers don’t care about the rivalry of the mechanics back in the factories or the rivalries between agents as they try and get their drivers into the best team. They want to see drivers spitting feathers before the race and then go out and push each other to the limit on the race track.

Note to Alonso and Lewis (who I’m sure are keen readers of SofaF1) if you need to stop the other one by way of dirty trick that means you aren’t fast enough and don’t deserve it. At the very least, if you need to push each other off of the track can you wait until the race because a) it’s a lot more subtle and b) we’ll get to see some racing between the two of you on the track.

Over at Ferrari the desperation gong has been sounded and they want nothing less than first and seconds in every race for the rest of the season. It’s possible of course but unlikely. More likely is that they can do this quite a bit in the next six races while MaLaren get tangled up with themselves and fail to finish the race. The key question is whether Jean Todt has taken Massa to one side and asked him to fall on his sword. He might have said something like, “even Michael was a team player in this way in the season when he broke his leg”.

So the key questions you have to consider when thinking of your top four order are is Ferrari faster than McLaren? Are the two McLaren’s going to crash into each other? Are Ferrari going to deploy Massa tactically?

Behind them we find BMW and Renault who have both stopped development on their cars. Renault look in a more precarious position to have started doing that. Red Bull have been trying hard to get on terms with their car finally. Williams and Rosberg finally seem to be getting into their stride too.

Behind there we have Honda who have finally admitted defeat and gone back to last years car (doesn’t that mean that their cars are now customer chassis from Super Aguri?) and we’ll have to be watching to see if Vettel’s three weeks of experience have put him ahead of his team mate.

So your pole and top eight please. And Ron when you’re playing at home you can’t have this:

1 Lewis / Alonso tied
2 All of the other drivers except
DNF Massa / Kimi

Because even then you’ll have to put one of their names first and we’ll know your secret!

About Alex Andronov

Alex Andronov is a writer who lives in the UK. He is currently working on 7 novels, 5 film scripts, 2 plays, 2 TV series, 1 history of the United States, 1 travelogue and trying to find some focus.
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