SofaF1 Championship – Round 16

“Anything can happen in Formula 1 and it usually does!”

I must admit I was beginning to think that the whole championship was over when Hamilton zoomed around to capture pole and then led the field from the start. With Alonso trying to make his move on Massa stick in the first few corners, but losing out to remain fourth, it all looked like it was going to go Hamilton’s way.

I also thought Fourstar had it all sewn up. When I was checking out the predictions after qualifying, it seemed like the Hamilton, Raikkonen, Alonso combo would be good for some massive points. As things turned out it was Raikkonen and Alonso who got some points for Fourstar but with only one apiece Fourstar turned in his joint third worst haul of the season.

Things didn’t go too much better for me, so I can’t really talk, although I did do slightly better than last week, Raikkonen got me one each for qualifying and the race, Alonso 2 and Massa just one more. My predictable top eight strategy really let me down this weekend!

Alex and Nick though were really on it, picking 5 each for Raikkonen’s front row and win. Alex added a further 2 for Massa and one more for Kovalainen. Nick held on even longer though, with 2 each for Alonso and Coulthard and one more for Massa.

Round 16

1 Nick 10
2 Alex 8
3 Bearded Stew 5
4 Fourstar 2


1 Nick 103
2 Bearded Stew 97
3 Alex 91
4 Fourstar 78

So Nick stretches out the Championship lead again, unlike Hamilton who sees his lead cut to 4 points from Alonso and 7 from Raikonnen, the fight is still very much on.

A bit of damp on the circuit really does liven things up for the second week in a row with the surely the craziest top eight so far this year. Vettel, Liuzzi and Button with their best finishes this year. Coulthard in there too but lagging behind his Torro Rosso cousins. The biggest shock though of course was Hamilton sliding off in the pit lane entry and not being able to recover from the gravel.

I was just thinking earlier in the race too that drivers seemed to be getting away with much more off track excursions than they used too, Hamilton included, but unfortunately for him, not today when it really mattered.

Not sure what Ralf was up to either, good qualifying run but he didn’t seem to be doing too much to get a job for next year.

Alonso kept it going to finish second which was probably the best he could do, Raikkonen really did win it fair and square.

Its great for F1 though to have a 3 way fight on into the last race. Keep the Sofa warm!

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