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It’s been obvious for some time that the British media have been a tad on the biased side towards Lewis Hamilton. It’s no surprise to find that the Spanish Media are similarly biased towards their man.

I was surprised to read how aggrieved some of Alonso’s fans are with Hamilton, McLaren and the FIA. So far 112,583 people have signed a petition “To denounce the irregularities which have taken place during the 2007 F1 championship”.

I thought I’d share the list of complaints that they have. They sound, in the main, like paranoid fantasy, but a lot of the things on the list are events I hadn’t even heard of.

To denounce the irregularities which have taken place during the 2007 F1 championship

As witnesses of the events which have taken place during the 2007 F1 championship, and as admirers of this sport, we feel obliged to publicly denounce the irregularities which have occurred, clearly showing that the driver, L. Hamilton has benefited from the favors of his team, generating serious damages for his companion F. Alonso, whose career has suffered from the lack of interest of both his team and the International Federation of Automobile.

The proven facts and presumed irregularities are the following:

G.P. of Barhein (15-04-07) Strangely, F. Alonso’s car encountered troubles in night conditions, on a statement of his own team, which prevented him from following the rhythm of his companion, whose car was functioning perfectly. L. Hamilton changed his trajectory several times, which is absolutely prohibited, but he was not sanctioned.

G.P. of Monaco (27-05-07) A few laps from the end, the team ordered both drivers to go below 19.000 r.p.m. L. Hamilton, refused to obey his team and tried to overtake his companion. Not succeeding in doing so, he complained to the FIA and the British Media after the end of the race, provoking an investigation and a high pressure on F. Alonso. The team took no measure whatsoever towards L. Hamilton, and did not support F. Alonso. Moreover, during the race, L. Hamilton frequently stepped over the continuous line when exiting the pit lane, which is totally prohibited. But he was not sanctioned in any way by the FIA

G.P. of Canada (10-06-07) Strange behavior of F. Alonso’s car. Once more, the number one car was not in the same mechanical conditions than L. Hamilton’s car.

G.P. of the USA (17-06-07)
Once more, the pit stop strategies were in favor of L. Hamilton and detrimental to F. Alonso.

G.P. of France (01-07-07) Strangely, before the rain forecast, F. Alonso faced problems with his gear case during Q3, ending up on the tenth position of the starting grid whereas his companion L. Hamilton encountered no problems at all. De La Rosa explained during the race that this spare part had been perfectly identified and removed.

G.P. of Germany (22-07-07) Peculiar reaction of the race controllers when facing L. Hamilton’s slip off the track, a crane put him back on the track, creating risks of collision with other pilots. Even more peculiar is that the other drivers were not placed back on the track regarding the moment they slipped off; only L. Hamilton benefitted from an immediate return on the track. Although the rules clearly specify that a driver must turn off his engine and get out of his car, like the rest of the drivers did, he was not penalised.

G.P. of Hungary (05-08-07) A supplementary lap was given to F. Alonso in Q3. L. Hamilton disobeying his team’s orders entered the boxes to change his tyres on his own will, right behind F. Alonso, who was given used tyres. The following moment, L. Hamilton was equipped with a brand new pair of tyres. Nevertheless, F. Alonso succeeded in earning the pole position, to the apparent disappointment of Ron Dennis. Thus, L. Hamilton denounced F. Alonso again to the FIA and, consequently, he lost 5 positions on the starting grid, following the application of an inexistent rule, and McLaren also lost its constructor points earned during this race. Unexplainably, no sanction was applied to L. Hamilton after this race.

G.P. of Italy (09-09-07) L. Hamilton placed his car diagonally when positioning himself on the starting grid, and made several trajectory changes without being sanctioned.

G.P. of Belgium (16-09-07) Presumed sabotage attempt on F. Alonso’s car. His manager declared that during the free practice sessions, F. Alonso discovered that something was wrong with his power unit, asking his mechanics to revise his car, and then discovering that the top of his oil tank was missing. It is common knowledge that it only needs a simple lap to destroy a motor in such conditions.

G.P. of Japan (30-07-07) Inexplicably, F. Alonso encountered new tyre problems during Q3, as he stated himself after the qualifications. Once more, L. Hamilton obtained a supplementary lap with new tyres and a small quantity of gas, permitting him to earn the pole position. During the race, both drivers were victims of a collision. However, only the driver who collisioned with L. Hamilton was sanctioned, whereas it was F. Alonso who suffered serious damage in his car. He was not warned of the damage on his car, which led him to crash without much reaction from the members of his team. After the accident, when behind the safety-car, L. Hamilton played once more with the rules, provoking an accident between Weber and Vettel, without being sanctioned during or after the race, even when new evidence was given to the FIA.

G.P. of China (06-10-07) Once more, F. Alonso encountered problems in Q3, after having been faster than his companion during the free practice sessions, and the first two qualifying sessions. When F. Alonso was on the podium to celebrate his second position, after L. Hamilton resigned, only one mechanic from McLaren was there to celebrate the victory. After the race, Ron Dennis publicly declared that the struggle during the race was not against Ferrari, but against F. Alonso, who is now considered by his team as an opponent.

Once these facts have been analyzed, we consider there is enough evidence to confirm that the equal treatment between the two drivers has not been respected by McLaren or by the FIA with the application of the Formula 1 rules.

Consequently, with the signatures located at:
we publicly denounce all these irregularities and express our deepest rejection of all that has happened during this 2007 F1 Championship.

All this information has been gathered by the Safety-car forum members at:

Best Regards!

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