Sofa F1 Championship 2008 – Round 16 Japan

Well the drama just seems to keep on going. Right from the green light at Fuji the track seemed to be full of action, just like the SofaF1 championship then…

Hamilton on pole seemed to be a good bet this week, everyone except Alex going down that road for an easy 2 points to start. Then things got a little trickier, no one was expecting an Alonso double win, so points seem a little bit sparse again this week, but Raikkonen in a solid third place gave Alex, GrifF1 and myself 2 points each and Fourstar 1.

Vettel benefited from Bourdais’ penalty and so did Alex and Igor taking 2 and 1 points respectively. But it did hurt Nick, who was relegated to just the one point from Vettel, and Fourstar and myself missed out completely. Fourstar bagged one further point for Kubica.

So Round 16 …

1 Bearded Stew 4
1 Alex 4
1 Fourstar 4
1 GrifF1 4
5 Nick 3
5 Igor 3

Which leaves the championship looking … much the same actually

1 Fourstar 95
2 Nick 88
3 Alex 72
4 Igor 71
5 Bearded Stew 69
6 GrifF1 68

I don’t think anyone really would have picked Alonso for back to back wins at all this season or even a just a few races ago, but it has happened. Singapore may have been a bit of a gift with the safety car and this week Hamilton’s long game strategy certainly helped, but he did drive a superb race to take the win. Driving hard enough (with metronomic precision!) to stay ahead on the track and a great strategy to out do Kubica in the pits. Kubica himself did really well to defend his 2nd place from Raikkonen, who may well have been relieved just to finish in the points again.

Disappointment for DC, colliding with someone again and ending up in the wall on lap one, and Kovalainen with his engine failure, which well may have lost him another win.

Massa drove aggressively well too after his early lap incidents to recover a point, which turned into 2 after Bourdais was penalised, so the gap closes up to 5 points between the championship contenders. Does Massa want it more than Hamilton?

Only 2 races to go, could it be much better? Vote now!

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