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Has the media just about forgotten about the F1 Championship?

I must first say I did see some F1 news items on the internet, I rarely watch TV except for the racing itself and if there was any news on the radio I may well have missed it but this was my perception…

I spent quite a bit of time yesterday listening to the radio. Radio 4 in the morning, BBC 6 Music during the day and for the first time in ages Radio 1 on the way home in the evening. Maybe I missed it but in all the news bulletins I heard there wasn’t any mention of Formula 1. Usually Radio 4 is pretty good at catching up on the outcome of the F1 on a Monday morning even roping in Jackie Stewart or Murray to analyse what happened, but not this week.

Where has all the interest gone?

We had a great race at the weekend, loads of on track action, incidents, penalties, Alonso winning again and loads of post race personal comments from the title contenders.

In less than a week now we could be seeing not only a new world champion, but the youngest world champion ever and a British champion at that, the first for 12 years (since the legendary Damon Hill)

But not a peep on the radio…don’t the media think the public want to hear anymore?

Do the public want to hear anymore?

I may not be the biggest subscriber to Hamilton mania, but even that might be better than nothing surely?

Good old dependable Radio 4 did come to the rescue with some F1 related news in the evening though…but it was something about Tony Blair protecting tobacco advertising in F1 or something years ago.

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