SofaF1 Championship 2009 – Round 8 Great Britain

Red Bull dominate as Brawn fade in the coolness of an English summer. Great result for Red Bull with another one-two, at Silverstone in the dry this time, showing that they really do have a pretty good car and are in the hunt for the title. Button struggled to beat his qualifying position of sixth, but still holds the championship lead nicely. The race is on, can Red Bull overhaul Brawn over the second half of the season?

But what about SofaF1? Fourstar lumbers into action with more than a third of his points this year in one race alone! Igor and Nick still at the top of the table but the midfield is getting pretty busy.

Round 8

Aitch 11
Fourstar 10
Nick 7
Rod 7
Alex 6
Mr C 5
Bearded Stew 5
Igor 5
PatW 5
RG 3
Christine 3
Sean 3
GrifF1 2
Takuya 2
Jackie 1
Pete 1
Lou 1
Piqued 0
Jeremy 0


Igor 51
Nick 48
Mr C 39
Rod 37
Bearded Stew 37
Aitch 35
Christine 34
Lou 34
Alex 33
PatW 31
Pete 30
Sean 29
Fourstar 28
Jackie 25
GrifF1 25
RG 18
Jeremy 14
Takuya 10
Piqued 9

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2 Responses to SofaF1 Championship 2009 – Round 8 Great Britain

  1. GrifF1 says:

    It's a good job we don't have a relegation zone for our league table, I'd be getting a bit worried that I was close to the bottom at this half way stage.Chats with my esteemed colleague, Bearded Stew, make me realise I have to stop going with the heart, and go with the head… although I'm not sure I'd fare any better, bearing in mind that Jeremy uses a mug for goodness sake, and I'm only two places above him!Maybe I need a lucky hat or something….

  2. I'm realising more and more that there's little you can actually do to predict correctly. It really is unpredictable – and isn't that what makes F1 great?

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