SofaF1 Championship 2009 – Round 9 Germany

Another race with plenty of drama, Webber winning convincingly at the end but didn’t make it easy for himself. Red Bull seem to be maintaining their edge at the moment, do Brawn have any money to catch back up? Looks like its going down the wire. Maiden win for Webber, great result for him, he does seem to have had rather a lot of bad luck, but makes it through this time.

Nobody backed him to take his first win this year though in our championship as far as I could see so no extra points there!

Round 9

PatW 10
Mr C 9
Aitch 9
RG 5
Nick 5
Piqued 4
Fourstar 3
Rod 3
Sean 3
Alex 2
GrifF1 2
Igor 2
Takuya 2
Pete 2
Lou 2
Christine 1
Bearded Stew 1
Jeremy 0
Jackie 0


Nick 53
Igor 53
Mr C 48
Aitch 44
PatW 41
Rod 40
Bearded Stew 38
Lou 36
Christine 35
Alex 35
Pete 32
Sean 32
Fourstar 31
GrifF1 27
Jackie 25
RG 23
Jeremy 14
Piqued 13
Takuya 12

Nick catches up with Igor, the battle is very much on, but I still can’t get my head around people who are running off predictions from months ago still get more points than me!!

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