European Pole Poll

After a break that seems to have gone on forever it finally is the European Grand Prix this weekend and you know what that means?

It means it’s time for our predictions. Please pick the pole sitter and the top eight finishers for the race. Please have your predictions in before qualifying starts on Saturday!

Also just for fun you could predict if Luca Badoer will finish the race?

And the arrival day of the Mini Bearded Stew. Today is the scheduled date, based on the update for the championship standings I’d say we might get to Spa before we have our first SofaF1 – the next generation member.

So good luck to everyone, especially Mrs Bearded Stew!

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Alex Andronov is a writer who lives in the UK. He is currently working on 7 novels, 5 film scripts, 2 plays, 2 TV series, 1 history of the United States, 1 travelogue and trying to find some focus.
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16 Responses to European Pole Poll

  1. lou says:

    Pole – Jenson1. Jenson2. Alonso3. Vettel4. Rubens5. Heikki6. Webber7. Lewis8. Rosberg

  2. Rod says:

    So, here we go again -Pole – Alonso1. Button2. Hamilton3. Barrichello4. Alonso5. Rosberg6. Vettel7. Weber8. Kovalainen

  3. fourstar says:

    Pole: Vettel1. Vettel2. Webber3. Button4. Hamilton5. Alonso6. Barrichello7. Rosberg8. Trulli

  4. Aitch says:

    Pole: Alonso1] Vettel2] Button3] Webber4] Rosberg5] Raikkonen6] Hamilton7] Barrichello8] Kovalainen

  5. Christine says:

    Pole – Alonso1. Barrichello2. Hamilton3. Button4. Alonso5. Vettel6. Heidfeld7. Webber8. Raikkonen

  6. GrifF1 says:

    Pole: Alonso1.Lewis2.Button3.Rosberg4.Barrichello5.Alonso6.Kimi7.Webber8.Trulli

  7. Pole: Hamilton1. Button2. Hamilton3. Alonso4. Rosberg5. Raikkonen6. Kubica7. Vettel8. Sutil

  8. Igor says:

    Pole: Alonso1. Hamilton2. Button3. Webber4. Alonso5. Barrichello6. Vettel7. Räikkönen8. Kovalainen

  9. Bearded Stew says:

    Hopefully Rosberg gets his maiden win, i could do with the points!Pole. Hamilton1.Rosberg2.Alonso3.Hamilton4.Barrichello5.Vettel6.Button7.Raikkonen8.Webber

  10. Pole: Alonso1) Lewis2) Jenson3) Vettel4) Webber5) Rubens6) Alonso7) Rosberg8) Heikki

  11. mr. man says:

    pole: alonso1. button2. webber3. hamilton4. kimi5. rubens6. vettel7. heidfeld8. rosberg

  12. Pole: Alonso2nd: Button3rd: Hamilton4th: Barry5th: Vettel6th: Kovelinen7th: Webbah8th: Raikkonen

  13. f1numbers says:

    Pole: Alonso1. Alonso2. Hamilton3. Vettel4. Webber5. Button6. Rosberg7. Sutil8. Trulli

  14. Pat W says:

    Pole – Alonso1. Webber2. Button3. Vettel4. Alonso5. Hamilton6. Barrichello7. Massa8. Rosberg

  15. Changed my mind…Pole: Alonso1) Lewis2) Jenson3) Vettel4) Kimi5) Webber6) Rubens7) Alonso8) Rosberg

  16. GrifF1 says:

    Oh for goodness sake, even my granny could have put new boots on Lewis's car quicker than that. Wouldn't have happened in Ron's day…Gah.

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