SofaF1 Championship 2009 – Round 10 Hungary

Another weekend with plenty of drama, Massa’s huge crash in qualifying was a bit of a shock, but it looks like he will be ok, hopefully he will be back in the car, but recovery looks like it might be a bit slow. Hamilton taking the win might have been a surprise but as Nick pointed out, it was predicted by a few here at SofaF1, maybe the sign of a rallying McLaren team. The championship is all up in the air again!

Round 10

Mr C 8
GrifF1 8
Bearded Stew 7
Aitch 7
Rod 6
Igor 6
Alex 5
Jackie 4
Fourstar 3
Piqued 3
Christine 2
Nick 2
Pete 2
Lou 2
Sean 2
Takuya 1
RG 0
Jeremy 0
PatW 0


Igor 59
Mr C 56
Nick 55
Aitch 51
Rod 46
Bearded Stew 45
PatW 41
Alex 40
Lou 38
Christine 37
GrifF1 35
Fourstar 34
Pete 34
Sean 34
Jackie 29
RG 23
Piqued 16
Jeremy 14
Takuya 13

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