Who Wants to Drive for Ferrari?

Respectfully putting to one side the horror of Massa’s accident and doubtful recovery, everyone is now getting interested in the top drive that has suddenly become available. There have been lots of exciting, and improbable, names linked with the position, but who is most likely to take it? Who would you like to take it? Firstly, Ferrari’s two test drivers: Gene and Badoer. I think it would be great to give them something back, especially Badoer – the third man behind Schumacher’s championships. What about Schumacher himself? If he wanted to come back (and there are suggestions he never actually wanted to leave), could Ferrari say no? Alonso, rumoured to have a contract for 2010 anyway, is the next obvious choice. If Renault remained banned from Valencia it becomes even more inevitable, but the intricacies involved in getting him out of Briatore’s car so soon must be difficult (and expensive). It would, however, give Alonso a great head start on getting to know the car for next year. Other interesting options apparently being bandied around the (virtual) paddock are Coulthard and Bourdais. It’s difficult to see how Coulthard could betray all his years of Ferrari hatred, though, and Bourdais, despite his credentials, hardly impressed anyone with Toro Rosso. Ferrari could also go with a young Italian driver, such as Bortolotti or Liuzzi, but somehow I see them favouring experience over youth. My personal favourite has got to be Villeneuve. There are bad memories of his come back with Renault, and then Sauber, but just to see another Villeneuve in the red colours of Ferrari would be exciting. As usual, the decision will be made less on driver ability, and more on the politics of a very political grid.

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9 Responses to Who Wants to Drive for Ferrari?

  1. Bearded Stew says:

    I was just building up to post something similar. As soon as i read somewhere yesterday, something along the lines of … Renault banned from Valencia and Alonso would not be racing at his home GP for Renault anyway … i imediately thought, cha ching Ferrari seat free, result.I hadn't thought of Villeneuve, but you are right, how cool would that be? Maybe he could dye his hair red?

  2. Bearded Stew says:

    and Bruno Senna of course, missed out on a Honda/Brawn drive to Rubens this year.This probably so unlikely that it won't even be a rumour though!

  3. I think it really depends on how long Massa's recovery is. If it was to be short we would see Gene in the car. If, as is more likely it is long we will see another driver.From what I understand there is a chance Russian Billionaire Alisher Usmanov has made a play for Renault this weekend.And rumours abound that this morning (Wednesday) BMW is going to withdraw from Formula 1.Either way my guess is that no driver could go to Ferrari temporarily and come back to their own team. But that on the other hand Alonso and Kubica both fit the following criteria.a) Out of contract (both have had their performance criteria from their teams not met)b) Have a strong enough reputation to be worth Ferrari's while to go forc) Could reasonably announce that their driving for Ferrari this year did not mean a contract for next year – and mean it.Alonso could obviously just start his Ferrari career early. But Kubica could drive for Ferrari for the rest of the year and then happily leave and quickly find a birth elsewhere.

  4. BMW have indeed gone, making the next few weeks pretty interesting – when normally the summer break is really quiet! My money is on Alonso going to Ferrari, and Kubica filling his boots at Renault (although aren't there rumours Kubica is wanted by Ferrari too?).

  5. Bearded Stew says:

    Looks like it will be Schumacher after all.How will that go down with Raikkonen though? Interesting to see if Schumacher can still cut it and can drag the car past Raikkonen.

  6. Martin says:

    hey sofaf1 what about a link to http://www.crash.net

  7. Holy Macaroni! That really was the last person I thought they'd pick. Surely without the testing he won't be able to be as competitive as he'd like?

  8. Interestingly, neither Gene or Badoer had driven this years car either… What were Ferrari thinking?

  9. I have a feeling that Lance Armstrong's competitive come back in the Tour de France this year might have been playing on Michael's mind.

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