Simply Unbelievable

As more and more evidence comes out that Renault did indeed ask Piquet to crash, and today’s announcement that Briatore and Symonds are leaving the team seems to confirm this, I keep looking for ways in which this might not be true. Honestly, I cannot believe it could happen. My main reason is this: how could they know it would give them the win? Another crash by another car could just as easily turn the event on its head again. Fixing an F1 race is not as easy as fixing a boxing match, say, where all one person has to do is fall over. There are infinite variables that Renault cannot have hoped to control. Perhaps all they were attempting to do was get a ‘good result’ for Renault headquarters, and lucked out on the win. My suspicions now, though, point towards Alonso. What did he know? After the McLaren scandal, in which it was revealed he colluded in the affair, everyone forgot Alonso’s culpability. Will he be exonerated again here? As much as I respect him as a driver, I feel that these two events could point to a certain shadiness in his character.

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2 Responses to Simply Unbelievable

  1. fourstar says:

    Excellent point about boxing, in which I'm sure it happens more often than everyone would like to believe 🙂

  2. I too agree that there was a lot left to chance and perhaps they lucked in on the win.However you can see how powerful the drivers briefing has become sans Schumacher.These days the drivers are told do not cross the curbs and none of them do.In Singapore I'm guessing everyone was told "be extra careful" a crash is no good for anyone. So going against that background makes things easier.However if you look at the leaked transcripts it paints a pretty clear picture…

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