SofaF1 Championship 2009 – Round 13 Monza

Brawn back on top with a good strategy making the most of their car. Barrichello seems to be the dominant driver at the moment and could be on for the championship, but Button does still have the lead, it really is all his to lose now. Hamilton maintaining his qualifying form, charging all the way despite being hampered by his extra stop until he started chasing his own tail and ended up in the wall not far from the chequered flag. Anyway what about us here on the sofa? Jeremy is still bringing up the rear.

Round 13

Lou 7
Igor 6
Takuya 6
Mr C 5
Bearded Stew 4
Aitch 4
Cant-Col 4
RG 3
Nick 3
Jackie 3
Rod 3
GrifF1 3
Pete 3
PatW 3
Fourstar 2
Christine 2
Alex 2
Piqued 1
Sean 1
Jeremy 0


Mr C 69
Igor 68
Nick 66
Aitch 62
Bearded Stew 55
Rod 54
Alex 52
Christine 49
PatW 48
Lou 46
GrifF1 43
Fourstar 39
Pete 39
Sean 39
Jackie 38
RG 29
Takuya 27
Piqued 20
Jeremy 15

Stewards decision was to allow the late entries as they probably wouldn’t have gained any advantage at that time, however this misdemeanor has been noted and any future transgression of the rules will incur a severe and disproportionate penalty.

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