Singapore Pole Poll

As Hunter S Thomson used to say, “I’ll have a Singapore Sling with Mescal on the side”. Here a SofaF1 we like to be clear about which drink is the beverage and which drink is the chaser. You don’t have a whisky chaser. You have whiskey and the beer is the chaser. What happens when you have a cocktail and a short at the same time is anybody’s guess. However formula 1 has removed some of the rum bunch that were plaguing the sport and so we have to make sure we don’t go against the grain as we make our predictions.

What do we want you to do? We want you to predict who is on pole, who will win the race, and who the 7 chasers are!

About Alex Andronov

Alex Andronov is a writer who lives in the UK. He is currently working on 7 novels, 5 film scripts, 2 plays, 2 TV series, 1 history of the United States, 1 travelogue and trying to find some focus.
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15 Responses to Singapore Pole Poll

  1. Aitch says:

    Pole: Button1]Button2]Hamilton3]Rosberg4]Barrichello5]Webber6]Kovalainen7]Alonso8]Vettel

  2. Jeremy says:

    The drivers were to be drawn by Flav. this race, however he failed the "fit and proper" dipper test. So instead and at short notice it was Witness X.He/She drew the following driversPole: Kubica 1: Kovalainen2: Heidfeld3: Webber4: Buemi5: Vettel6: Nakajima7: Rosberg8: FisichellaLooks like zero points again.

  3. Rod says:

    Pole: Vettel1. Button2. Vettel3. Barrichello4. Alonso5. Kovalainen6. Hamilton7. Sutil8. Weber

  4. Bearded Stew says:

    Maybe…Pole. Vettel1.Barrichello2.Vettel3.Button4.Alonso5.Hamilton6.Raikkonen7.Rosberg8.WebberSingapore Slings on their own in Raffles Hotel are mighty fine though…

  5. Pole: Hamilton1. Hamilton2. Barrichello3. Vettel4. Button5. Raikkonen6. Alonso7. Kovalainen8. Rosberg

  6. Christine says:

    Pole: Hamilton1. Hamilton2. Vettel3. Barrichello4. Heidfeld5. Button6. Raikkonen7. Alonso8. Sutil

  7. GrifF1 says:

    No idea – stuck at work all weekend, and will miss the race tomorrow :(Pole: Lewis1.Lewis2.Barrichello3.Kimi4.Button5.Rosberg6.Vettel7.Kovalainen8.Webber

  8. Pole – Lewis1) Lewis2) Rubens3) Vettel4) Kimi5) Liuzzi6) Webber7) Jenson8) Alonso

  9. lou says:

    Pole: Hamilton 1.Jenson2.Lewis3.Rubens4.Kimi 5.Vettel6.Webber7.Timo

  10. lou says:

    ooops i forgot number 8…so erm… 8. Alonso

  11. Pole: Vettel1) Vettel2) Hamilton3) Raikkonen4) Barrichello5) Webber5) Kovalainen6) Rosberg7) Button8) Fisichella

  12. Igor says:

    Pole: Hamilton1. Hamilton2. Vettel3. Barrichello4. Button5. Webber6. Kovalainen7. Alonso8. RäikkönenOk Mr C. you have an extra hour this week…

  13. pole: lewis1) lewis2) vettel3) kovi4) button5) webber6) rubens7) kimi8) alonso

  14. Last minute changePole – Lewis1) Lewis2) Jenson3) Vettel4) Kimi5) Liuzzi6) Webber7) Rubens8) Alonso

  15. fourstar says:

    I spent most of today on the M25 so I failed. Bother. My last predictions were bloody rubbish too. Oh well. Here they are/were:Pole: Alonso1. Alonso2. Hamilton3. Raikkonen4. Glock5. Trulli6. Webber7. Button8. Grosjean

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