Abu Dhabi Pole Poll

So this is it the grand finale. The actual season may not be going down to the wire, but as usual the Pole Poll is. Mr C stumbled at the last race, can he pull it back? Will Nick take the win for the first time or will he get second place for the third year in a row (Nick Heidfeld like consistency there). Or will this be the second time in a row that the person enjoying their second year of Pole Polling takes the win. Fourstar went from rookie in 2007 to winner in 2008, Igor was a rookie last year, could he be the one to be crowned 2009 SofaF1 Pole Poll Champion?

What do you need to do? It’s simple just give us your prediction, one last time this year, of who the pole sitter will be, and who the top eight will be in the race.

The predictions will be carefully combined with your predictions at the beginning of the season by Bearded Stew and we shall get our championship results!

Thanks to everyone for taking part this year, it has been fun, and an especial thanks to Stew for keeping up with the results with everything that’s been going on for him.

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Alex Andronov is a writer who lives in the UK. He is currently working on 7 novels, 5 film scripts, 2 plays, 2 TV series, 1 history of the United States, 1 travelogue and trying to find some focus.
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16 Responses to Abu Dhabi Pole Poll

  1. I am posting Igor's predictions here. He and Jeremy have issued complaints for the lateness of the post. I can only apologise. Luckily I'm not like Max or I would now ban you both!!!Here's what Igor said:Here we are on the eve of qualifying for the last Grand Prix of the season and SofaF1 is asleep. I for one think that there is serious business to finish up the season, but we can’t post our predictions.Here is the result for tomorrow:Pole: Hamilton1. Hamilton2. Vettel3. Button4. Webber5. Barrichello6. Kovalainen7. Räikkönen 8. Kubica

  2. LB22 says:

    Pole: Hamilton1. Hamilton2. Button3. Vettel4. Barrichello5. Sutil6. Webber7. Kubica8. Raikkonennice blog!LB22

  3. Christine says:

    Pole: Hamilton1. Hamilton2. Vettel3. Sutil4. Button5. Webber6. Kovalainen7. Raikkonen8. Kobayashi

  4. GrifF1 says:

    Pole: Lewis1.Lewis2.Button3.Barrichello4.Vettel5.Sutil6.Kimi7.Webber8.Kobayashi

  5. fourstar says:

    I am lucky enough to be here, in the UAE, and off to the race tomorrow. I know what a privilege that is so I will soak it all up and bring you back candid tales of…well, probably a lot of ear-quaking noise and red/white/silver blurs. Anyway, here goes for the last time in 09!Pole: Button1. Button2. Hamilton3. Webber4. Barrichello5. Vettel6. Alonso7. Rosberg8. RaikkonenAnd I'll try not to drop my camera off the bridge…

  6. Going to be hard to beat Mr Andronov but I'll give it a try! Good luck everyone.pole: Hamilton1. Button2. Hamilton3. Vettel4. Barrichello5. Webber6. Raikkonen7. Kovalainen8. Kobayashi

  7. Rod says:

    Pole: Hamilton1. Hamilton2. Button3. Barrichello4. Trulli5. Kubica6. Weber7. Vettel8. Buemi

  8. Bearded Stew says:

    Pole. Hamilton1.Hamilton2.Button3.Vettel4.Barrichello5.Raikkonen6.Webber7.Kovalainen8.Alonso

  9. Pole: Lewis1) Lewis2) Jenson3) Rubens4) Vettel5) Alonso6) Webber7) Heikki8) Kubica

  10. Aitch says:


  11. Lou says:

    Pole: Button – :D1. Button 2. Hamilton3. Rubens4. Vettel5. Alonso6. Kimi7. Webber8. Buemi:D

  12. Adie Brown says:

    1. Button2. Hamilton3. Heikki4. Vettel5. Rubens6. Webber7. Kimi8. Heidfeld9. Kobayashi10. Alonso

  13. MoJoker says:

    1 – Hamilton2 – Button3 – Vettel4 – Webber5 – Barrichello6 – Raikonnen7 – Kobayashe8 – Rosberg9 – Sutil

  14. mr. c. says:

    pole: lewis1) lewis2) jenson3) vettel4) webber5) rubens6) kovi7) kobyashi8) alonso

  15. Pat W says:

    I am annoyed that I didn't enter! I slept too long before qual…How do I still get points?

  16. It carries over your prediction from last race

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