SofaF1 Championship 2009 – Round 17 Abu Dhabi

I guess most of you saw the race, so I won’t bother commenting too much on it, but the circuit looked awesome on television, hopefully we will hear all about it from Fourstar when he gets back.

So cut to the chase, good effort Pete!

Round 17

Pete 8
Rod 6
Igor 6
Mr C 5
Bearded Stew 5
Aitch 5
LB22 5
Christine 4
Nick 4
Alex 4
GrifF1 4
Mo Joker 4
Fourstar 3
PatW 3
Lou 3
RG 1
Jackie 1
Takuya 1
Sean 1
Adi Brown 1
Piqued 0
Jeremy 0

Which would have left the championship looking like this…

Igor 90
Mr C 86
Nick 86
Aitch 79
Alex 73
Bearded Stew 73
PatW 72
Rod 69
Christine 66
GrifF1 62
Lou 56
Pete 54
Fourstar 48
Jackie 48
Sean 45
RG 38
Takuya 38
Piqued 25
Jeremy 18

… However way back when some of us predicted how the championship would end up, some people didn’t but posted for the first race and so automatically inherited those predictions for the championship too, and some people joined too late and missed out on the bonus points. I couldn’t find the official ruling on this so I preceded anyway and have awarded the following …

Mr C 10
RG 10
Igor 10
Aitch 8
Nick 6
Jackie 6
Pete 6
Fourstar 4
Piqued 4
Christine 4
Rod 4
Bearded Stew 4
Alex 2
Jeremy 0
GrifF1 0
Takuya 0
PatW 0
Lou 0
Sean 0

Which leaves the final SofaF1 Championship 2009 standings looking like this…

Igor 100
Mr C 96
Nick 92
Aitch 87
Bearded Stew 77
Alex 75
Rod 73
PatW 72
Christine 70
GrifF1 62
Pete 60
Lou 56
Jackie 54
Fourstar 52
RG 48
Sean 45
Takuya 38
Piqued 29
Jeremy 18

These results are believed to be correct at the time of going to press, but feel free to feedback any legitimate challenges and they may or may not be considered.

Congratulations Igor, thanks for joining in everyone, especially Jeremy who seemed to have abandoned the legendary prediction device at the end there despite his valiant efforts to make it work all season long.

Keep the sofa warm over the winter, there is bound to be something happening here before March 2010!

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4 Responses to SofaF1 Championship 2009 – Round 17 Abu Dhabi

  1. Congratulations, Igor. Damn this championship is frustrating.

  2. One slight question actually. Hamilton, Vettel and Button were tied for most poles. Have you just given everyone who predicted them full points?

  3. mr. gutted. says:

    pah! gutted.very well done igor.

  4. Pat W says:

    Congrats Igor. Thanks for the game, all! I lost ground at the end there, no pick for AD and no points on the bonuses really hurt me.. Better luck next time?

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